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Florida Beaches

Florida BeachesAll-ages activities everyone can enjoy!
Sun, sand, water and kids just go together. No matter how old the kids are, Florida has some of the most inviting family vacations beaches in the world. Whether you're looking for a holiday jam-packed with activities or prefer a quiet getaway where your days are spent strolling the shores and building sandcastles, Florida beaches have it all.

Air Boat Rides

Boggy Creek Airboat RidesBoggy Creek Airboat Rides can take you on tour of Florida's Everglades, a region that begins in close to Orlando and ends near the Florida Keys. An airboat ride will take you on a unforgettable journey through them at speeds of up to 45mph, and all just a short drive from the villa. 


GatorlandGatorland presents The Gator Jumparoo Show: Thrills and chills abound as some of the largest alligators in the world actually jump four to five feet out of the water to retrieve food in this famous one-of-a-kind show.
Learn more about alligators and crocodiles and their awesome powers. Watch as giant alligators jump high enough out of the water to actually snatch food from the trainer's hand.
A must see for the entire family! 

Discovery Cove

Discovery CoveImagine a place where you and your family can touch and actually swim with dolphins, wade with mysterious rays, snorkel lazily through a colourful cloud of tropical fish and safely come eye-to-eye with sharks and barracuda! That's Discovery Cove: plunging through a majestic waterfall allows you to discover a towering free-flight aviary full of brilliant, exotic birds. Where you can marvel at sight, sound and touch while bonding with these incredible animals.



WonderWorksVisitors will experience the trembling of earthquakes, be blown away by hurricane-force winds and surround themselves with some of the most unique virtual reality experiences available anywhere in the United States.
The most eye-catching feature of WonderWorks is the attraction's dramatic exterior, a four-story tall, classically-designed building that appears to have landed, upside down, atop a 1930s era brick warehouse.
WonderWorks is a fun-filled interactive center featuring a myriad of hands-on experiences and activities. The exhibits utilize some of the most sophisticated graphic and audio presentation techniques available. Activities range from a realistic, simulated earthquake to virtual reality. Throughout WonderWorks, you will actively participate in some of the most imaginative displays and exhibits found in any facility in the United States. 

Fantasy of Flight

Fantasy of FlightsFantasy of Flight with its stunning art deco facility is home to over 40 rare and vintage aircraft many of which have been restored to flyable condition.
They offer a variety of guided tours including visits to our working restoration and maintenance areas. You can climb inside the cockpit of a Corsair fighter for a battle over the Pacific and then take a spin on our state-of-the-art hang glide simulator in our Fun with Flight area.